The End of a Mission

Please give in honor of Mary Grace Shearer, MSW so the legacy of care can continue.
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For over 93 years, the mission of the Episcopal Home has been to provide the elderly in Central Pennsylvania a safe, loving community, and a supported living environment where they can receive the care they need. The support of the diocese through the years – both financial support and untold hours of service – has helped us to care for the residents’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

It is with saddened hearts that we inform you that The Episcopal Home is no longer financially stable as a care facility and will be closing effective September 30, 2020. This is an immensely sad time for us all, the Board came to this decision after lengthy, prayerful and prudent discernment. Over the past five years, the Board has explored new efforts in fundraising, marketing, and financial management with results that have been good, but not robust enough to allow sustainability. In the past, the diocese has been very generous in supporting the Home, for which we are forever grateful. The margin of loss is not one that even a strident mission effort within our diocese could sustain; an endowment with a principle of ten million dollars would be necessary to ensure a sustainable draw to meet the annual deficit of recent years.

In addition to your prayers during this transition period, we ask for your assistance where able. We are committed to ensuring excellent care for the residents as we work to assist their families and responsible parties to resettle them in alternative facilities and housing, work to alleviate distress, and provide spiritual guidance.

All who are able to volunteer their time and services to ensure the residents are safe and cared for are greatly appreciated.

If you feel it in your heart to assist the Home in resettling the residents and staff, please give us a call at 717.532.4612.