Welcome to The Episcopal Home

 The Mission of the Episcopal Home of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania is to enhance personal care to residents, their families and the community that enhances physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

3 comments on “Welcome to The Episcopal Home

  1. Mary Grace
    Confirming for Troubadours of the Susquehanna
    November 8 2015 Can we plan time for 2pm-4pm
    Due to several members having prior musical ‘gigs’ for that day
    Looking forward to seeing you…let me know if there are any personal care items you may be in need of that we maight be able to donate

    1. Hello Kathyann,

      I have added this exciting event to our calendar!

      If any of you would like to bring the following items to donate, it would be appreciated! Necklaces (18″ or Longer), Large Print Word Find Books, Sponsor Monthly Cable ($23/month), Wingback Chairs, Table Lamps, Copier Paper, Greeting Cards with Stamps, Phone cards for Tracfones, Hand towels, Wash Cloths, Diabetic Candy, Small Knick Knacks, Pins and Clip Earrings.

      Looking forward to it!

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